John Deere Power Systems

John Deere is more than just great tractors and harvesters. John Deere also produces its own power! John Deere Power Systems provides pure power and efficiency for marine liners and OEMs. All John Deere machinery uses their own brands engines

John Deere marine engines are as powerful and dependable in the water as they are on the land. Our marine propulsion, generator, and auxiliary engines share the same reputation for performance and reliability that their agricultural and industrial counterparts have enjoyed for decades. 

We optimized each performance level to meet distinct customer needs. Each level offers a unique set of benefits suited to various application types — all with the reliability you expect from John Deere.

G Series: Assured power, simple installation, rugged and proven
P Series: Excellent fluid efficiency, robust power density, performance and cost balance
X Series: Exceptional power, ultimate performance, leading technologies